A Precious Sacrifice

You were hurt so much by the sins of man
But instead of punishment you had a different plan
Because of your love so infinite and great
You carried the shame with all the weight
As the Father you gave your most precious Son
We became forgiven when the sacrifice was done
You took all the lashes, the scrapes, and the pain
You bled for a world that was not sane
You came unto Earth from heaven above
You were blameless yet you took all the shame for love
There is proof that you are God because you rose from the grave
It is written that you are mighty to save
It brings me to my knees to know you did this all
For us foolish humans who were bound to fall
Lost and confused, we had no real direction
We are nothing compared to your holy perfection
But you changed that all when you opened up our eyes
You made everything clear from the devil’s disguise
You gave us real life and guided us through
And now we’re set free by our faith in you
And I want to thank you for all that you’ve done
Thank you Abba Father, Holy Spirit, and Son

You are like the waves
That ebb along the shore
The water hits the sandy promenades
And recedes to the ocean floor

You are as unpredictable
As the currents that flow
Dictated by the moon’s gravity
Your next moves are never known

As distant as the tide
As mysterious as the moon
Who could read your mind?
Gone by break of day and afternoon
The dark of nightfall descends
The high tides roll in again
Where are you, mysterious friend?

You are like the waves
That ebb along the shore
The water hits the sandy promenades
And recedes to the ocean floor


As deep as the color of the ocean
As radiant as the daylight sky
As the fiercest and hottest flame
As the bluebells scattered in a field of green
There is no other hue to describe how I am
It is all calming, beautiful, and sorrowful at once

Fellow introverts (and extroverts) please pray for me

I have reached a new level of introvert. Looking back in my life, I’ve lived in the shoes of many different types of social people.

When I was little, I was a social butterfly… I was the extroverted chatter box in the classroom. I talked to everyone and traded snacks with every kid. Then in middle school, I was the quiet girl who stuck and hid my nose in a book all the time. Then in high school, I was the person who would start conversations at the lunch table, with my new found love in Jesus.

In college, I am now a mesh of things, but I’ve been falling more and more introverted. I don’t know what happened to me. I’m not happy or proud of it. I don’t do it on purpose either.

I’m a paradoxical living oxymoron. I am a club vice president (for Cru) and have to often put myself outside of my comfort zone and shell. But then there are days when I am drained, just plain exhausted. Other times, I’m just awkward. On campus, I run into people from my class, acquaintances, or even professors. Then I look down or look the other way. I actually feel like a jerk, doing it. I’m not always shy. Now, it’s just an instantaneous, reactive instinct. I’m not proud of it… I end up questioning myself like, “Why did I do that? Shouldn’t I be a salt and light in the world? Shouldn’t I be building up relationships and showing people Christ? Why am I now shutting out people? I used to be so open in high school.”

I regret it. I am now in a very stressed out phase in my college senior year. I’m graduating in less than 2 months. Please pray for me… to treat people better. I do love people… because they are God’s creation… they are as human as I am. I don’t know why I’ve been acting more and more introverted lately. Being an introvert is no excuse to hold back the kingdom of God (not that it ever could be by a mere person). Pray for me to be more open, friendly, and kind… pray for me not to be so caught up on my own stress, but to try to care for others, not with my own strength. I pray that I can love people because of God’s love and may God touch me and work with me to be a light on my campus, in my last semester here…

Come Home

Lay your weary head
On the nail pierced hands
In the presence of Christ
There is no longer shame
Take a deep breathe
If it must be a sigh
Let it out
All your tears
And your pain
There is no need to hide
The Lord is with you
Though you cannot see Him
And in times when you can’t feel Him
He is with you
Child, come home
Come home now
And run into the arms
Of the One who missed you
So much
And in dear love
He lived the gospel for you
So you could be free
So be free in Him
There is no need to wait
There is no death in the grave
Come home, dear child
You’ve been running astray far too long
Come home, run into and rest in His arms
Don’t wait, don’t run away
Come home, dear friend
There is no sweeter place than home
Our God is our home

No longer a slave to fear

God gave courage to a timid person like me. 

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.” ‭‭2 Timothy‬ ‭1:7‬ ‭

I was given the opportunity to read scripture in my class today. Mind you, this is a public college campus. QC Cru evangelized on campus today, so we went out in pairs. I was scared to approach the first person, but once we started talking, God broke the ice for us. The girl shared painful experiences in her life and God opened the door in that moment. I shared the same exact experiences as her and we were able to empathize together. That was no coincidence. 

God broke my shell and walls. God broke my barriers. He is going to do so much more than I can fathom and anticipate.