Scars and Bruises

If scars signify strength
Then why do bruises make me feel so weak?

If thick skin is what I need to be strong
Then why do I easily bleed?

They say you’re a survivor
When you make it through another day
But why do I feel weaker every morning
When I awake

Do scars really prove that you’re strong?
Does the duration of your tolerance for life
Really depend on how long
You’ve been hanging on?

There’s something
Vaguely mundane
By the words of flattery
In the attempts for sanity

Who can define a survivor?
Who’s to say who’s the weak and the stronger?
The voices inside and out of my head
All have different opinions

I’ll take a step back for once
And try to listen to the silence



I’m trying to let go of pride
Release the disgust and judgment
That prevails inside
My clouded mind
Filthy eyes
Filled with sawdust
Scattered from plywood
That I tried to deny
Red eyes
Blink once and twice
Now it’s an infection
With a nasty stye
Who am I to pry?
Who am I to judge
Who will live and die?
I’ve got to let it go
I’ve got to know
What it’s like to be humble
So all it takes is a single stumble
To remember who I once was
And it’s not because of pride
That I got this far
Was it not hardship, trials, and scars
That took me beyond the stars?
Pride is the pitfall that makes a person plunge
To the lowest ends of the earth
But it is humility that crowns the humble
And measures what a heart is worth

Give Me Faith

I dream and close my eyes

I wake up to the sunrise

I clutch to dreams before they die

I hold onto hope before my strength runs dry

Give me reason to believe in tomorrow

Give me faith to rise above this sorrow

If there is an anchor of faith and hope

Let me know that I’m not alone

Who Do You Know?

In the silence in the noise
In the shadows in the light

There’s a voice that gently speaks
There’s a truth that cannot hide

There’s a prayer being said
There’s a chorus being sung

There’s a voice that is heard
Every breath and every word

All the tears all the pauses
All the sighs the wins and losses

Did you think that you were forgotten?
Your voice is heard
Every breath and every word

Prayers answered
Today or not
Don’t stop hold onto faith

The wait is never easy
The drought is never painless
But the battles that we fight
Are not battles in isolation

Hold fast and believe

Through the calm or storm
Untarnished or torn
Whether full or empty
In abundance or in nothingness

Hold fast to hope
Know peace as if no one else
Has ever known

No peace
So your sorrow overflows
Know peace
And no one and nothing can ever take away
Who you really know

colorful faith

I need your help, Lord

Not to see life

In black and white 

But to see everything

With color and grace 

Would you lift up my heart

So my eyes would gaze 

With a fiery faith 

Remind me of who I am 

A child born from grace 

I am forgiven, unashamed

Ordained and called by name 


You’ve never felt heaviness
As heavy as this
You’ve never known darkness
As dark as this
You’ve never seen blindness
Quite like this
You’ve never cried tears
As bad as this

You thought you knew sorrow
You thought you knew pain
But nothing is darker
In comparison to this
Nothing is the same

You know what it’s like
To stand on higher ground
To have hope and freedom
Where peace and joy is found

You know what’s like
To fall down
To have everything
And to lose it all

So what do you do
After the stumble and fall?
Isn’t the only way
To get back up again?

What could be lower than low?
Where could you fall after
Falling to the ground?
Can’t you rediscover
What it means to be found?

What is it like
To be grounded in the Word?
Rather than being grounded
In piles of dirt?

Where can you place your worth?
When you’re too fixated by the
Gravity of the earth?

Your pain and struggles
Are like a story to your name
But they do not define your worth
You are not confined
By what you think you don’t and do deserve

Your pain and struggles are real
Press forward, fight the good fight
Because better days are coming
When someday you will no longer feel
The pain and struggles that tried to steal
The meaning of your life

You’ve felt the heaviness
You’ve known the darkness
You’ve seen the blindness
You’ve cried the tears

You survived