colorful faith

I need your help, Lord

Not to see life

In black and white 

But to see everything

With color and grace 

Would you lift up my heart

So my eyes would gaze 

With a fiery faith 

Remind me of who I am 

A child born from grace 

I am forgiven, unashamed

Ordained and called by name 



You’ve never felt heaviness
As heavy as this
You’ve never known darkness
As dark as this
You’ve never seen blindness
Quite like this
You’ve never cried tears
As bad as this

You thought you knew sorrow
You thought you knew pain
But nothing is darker
In comparison to this
Nothing is the same

You know what it’s like
To stand on higher ground
To have hope and freedom
Where peace and joy is found

You know what’s like
To fall down
To have everything
And to lose it all

So what do you do
After the stumble and fall?
Isn’t the only way
To get back up again?

What could be lower than low?
Where could you fall after
Falling to the ground?
Can’t you rediscover
What it means to be found?

What is it like
To be grounded in the Word?
Rather than being grounded
In piles of dirt?

Where can you place your worth?
When you’re too fixated by the
Gravity of the earth?

Your pain and struggles
Are like a story to your name
But they do not define your worth
You are not confined
By what you think you don’t and do deserve

Your pain and struggles are real
Press forward, fight the good fight
Because better days are coming
When someday you will no longer feel
The pain and struggles that tried to steal
The meaning of your life

You’ve felt the heaviness
You’ve known the darkness
You’ve seen the blindness
You’ve cried the tears

You survived

Light and Darkness

Touch the moon on my toes
Feel the sun’s warmth on my skin
Miles and miles of galaxies
Behold the existence and matter
Of serenities and catastrophes

Light and darkness
Meet at the solar eclipse
And the Milky Way
Flows sweeter
Than the words on my lips

The stars illuminate
Brighter than the bare eyes can see
If we could stare
We’d be blinded
By the beauty and starry beams

Telescopes and rocket ships
Mediate between
Earth’s creation and galactic mysteries
To touch, feel, and know beyond what is seen
Is what we dreamers will always dream

8 years…

I hadn’t realized that it has been 8 years since I’ve known you
I hadn’t realized that it has been 7 years since I last saw you
Bumped into you last year
Bumped into you this year
Perhaps it’s because your name is common
That I see it everywhere I gaze

I find it funny
For you to circle my mind
And chase my train of thought
They say God works in mysterious ways
Well, so does this life

I realize that I am shy and timid
I am far from brave
I hope that you are doing well though
Keep doing well
May God bless you wherever you go
And wherever He leads you

I’m far too shy for small talk
I’m too scared to reach out
Maybe because I am no stranger
To rejection

This may (just) be a friendship
I will regret not pursuing
And if small talk is all there is
I have nothing to lose

But I hide behind every excuse
As if it’s better for me not to say a word
I’m too busy, not this time
I’m fine

Is it such a coincidence
That I see your name
Everywhere I gaze?

The most common thing that
I regret most in my life
Is to feel at all

And to suddenly want to connect
With someone who
I lost touch with all these years

Be well, brother
Be well
God bless you
Wherever you go

Have a Good Summer Too

You are a mystery
A long lost puzzle piece
That goes with this board game
Called life
You are as intricate as
A garden maze

I wish I could decipher
Your mind like Morse code
And speak the language
That you breathe
But I can’t find the door to
Your mind and heart
You are a mystery
That I wish to open and discover
The day that you came into my life
As one of the world’s seven wonders

I am no detective
Or investigator
But I am a dreamer
So I will ponder of your mystery
Your mystery does not frustrate me
But makes me smile
So long for now…
I hope that you
Have a good summer too

Take Me Into Your Ark

My tears rain faster
Than the world’s 40 day flood
I am drenched
In my agony
Deeper than the sea

The desert land
Fill up an ocean
That drowns
The salty sand

I will not survive
The flood
Without the ark
That God had built
Through his servant
And planned
There is no escape for me
No disembark
To flee the flood

I’ve got a plank
But no back up plan
I won’t stay afloat and
I can’t hold on any longer
With the tides pushing stronger

Will you save me?
Will you take me into the ark?
Will you take me into your arms?
I’m drowning and I’m weak
I need your support
I need your saving

You, creator of creation
Whose voice and hands
Send down the rain
Can you deliver me from my pain?

My brain torments me both day and night
I am flooded by my own troubling mind
Rescue me
Take me into your ark
Save me from the blinding dark
Take me into your arms
Save me forever, God