Have a Good Summer Too

You are a mystery
A long lost puzzle piece
That goes with this board game
Called life
You are as intricate as
A garden maze

I wish I could decipher
Your mind like Morse code
And speak the language
That you breathe
But I can’t find the door to
Your mind and heart
You are a mystery
That I wish to open and discover
The day that you came into my life
As one of the world’s seven wonders

I am no detective
Or investigator
But I am a dreamer
So I will ponder of your mystery
Your mystery does not frustrate me
But makes me smile
So long for now…
I hope that you
Have a good summer too

Take Me Into Your Ark

My tears rain faster
Than the world’s 40 day flood
I am drenched
In my agony
Deeper than the sea

The desert land
Fill up an ocean
That drowns
The salty sand

I will not survive
The flood
Without the ark
That God had built
Through his servant
And planned
There is no escape for me
No disembark
To flee the flood

I’ve got a plank
But no back up plan
I won’t stay afloat and
I can’t hold on any longer
With the tides pushing stronger

Will you save me?
Will you take me into the ark?
Will you take me into your arms?
I’m drowning and I’m weak
I need your support
I need your saving

You, creator of creation
Whose voice and hands
Send down the rain
Can you deliver me from my pain?

My brain torments me both day and night
I am flooded by my own troubling mind
Rescue me
Take me into your ark
Save me from the blinding dark
Take me into your arms
Save me forever, God

The calm after a storm

I felt it as I called and cried out to You
Unworthy lips and a shaken voice to utter Your name
The waves died down
The winds hushed still

As every creation bows before You

I grasped my fingertips on the edges of this boat
And sighed a deep breath as I stayed afloat
No noise, hum, or note
Justly bestows the glory

That your gospel story spoke

Under the fiery, blazing sun
Casts the shadow of the cross
That stood upon
The Golgotha mount

What is gospel?

What is truth?
Who is the Messiah
Besides You?
What is anguish
And a famished heart?
Who hungers salvation
Greater than the sinner
That stands far?

The earth shakes

And trembles
All of eternity quakes
Life and death
Will never be the same

The veil torn
The curse now broken
In Jesus’ name

The prophesy fulfilled
From the holy scriptures spoken

The stone rolled away

Light broke through the darkness
Of the grave
The world will never be the same
Through holy atonement

He is risen, indeed
Holy is the Lord
In Jesus’ name

A Precious Sacrifice

You were hurt so much by the sins of man
But instead of punishment you had a different plan
Because of your love so infinite and great
You carried the shame with all the weight
As the Father you gave your most precious Son
We became forgiven when the sacrifice was done
You took all the lashes, the scrapes, and the pain
You bled for a world that was not sane
You came unto Earth from heaven above
You were blameless yet you took all the shame for love
There is proof that you are God because you rose from the grave
It is written that you are mighty to save
It brings me to my knees to know you did this all
For us foolish humans who were bound to fall
Lost and confused, we had no real direction
We are nothing compared to your holy perfection
But you changed that all when you opened up our eyes
You made everything clear from the devil’s disguise
You gave us real life and guided us through
And now we’re set free by our faith in you
And I want to thank you for all that you’ve done
Thank you Abba Father, Holy Spirit, and Son

You are like the waves
That ebb along the shore
The water hits the sandy promenades
And recedes to the ocean floor

You are as unpredictable
As the currents that flow
Dictated by the moon’s gravity
Your next moves are never known

As distant as the tide
As mysterious as the moon
Who could read your mind?
Gone by break of day and afternoon
The dark of nightfall descends
The high tides roll in again
Where are you, mysterious friend?

You are like the waves
That ebb along the shore
The water hits the sandy promenades
And recedes to the ocean floor