Nature has a way of showing how small we are and

that there is a bigger part of life worth knowing


Our Second Christmas Without You



Dear grandpa Frank,
Your house is awfully quiet

It used to be a lively space
A warm, welcoming, and endearing place
The portraits of your children and wife
Told stories that touched the heart
And were animated to life


Every corner of your home
Emanated with laughter
The aroma of brewed coffee
Everyday after the other
Was awakened by “Good morning!”

The summer you left
Was the most dryest season
The longest drought
The wind stopped howling
The trees stopped growing
Your garden withered
And joined you in your farewell
Your house was awfully quiet


I cried and I cried
The next day
I couldn’t believe you were truly gone
I prayed for it to be a nightmare that
I could wake up from
But I couldn’t escape it
Your house was awfully quiet

The season shifted to autumn
My favorite time of all
When the leaves change
Before they fall
I can’t recall
Anything else
The semester flew by

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December came
A joyous season
It was named
The most wonderful time of the year
While the rest of the world was merry with cheer
Your house was awfully quiet


We used to light up the Christmas tree
And sing your favorite songs
O Come All Ye faithful
Silent Night

And we knew very well
That your home
Was far from a Silent Night

But since you’ve been gone
Your house is awfully quiet


It’s our second Christmas
Without you here
Didn’t you hear
About “time is healing”?
Well, a part of me wants to believe that
But I realize something greater
I give so much props to the One
I call my Savior
J E S U S   I S   H E A L I N G
Can I spell it any louder
To exalt this true meaning?

A year and four months later
My family and I
Are able to smile again
On Christmas Day
Nothing is picture perfect
The fragments make up
The world that we live in


Slowly but surely
I watch joy come again
Where the door was bolted shut and
Your house was awfully quiet
I feel a gentle breeze come inside
I hear music play again
To welcome back laughter
Is like letting faith in

You were a great grandpa
An unforgettable friend
It makes me joke
Why did you have to be such a good person that I had to miss you this much?
But you were filled with Christ
You loved others with the joy of Christ


Slowly but surely
Joy comes again
Through a door open wide
Your house is no longer quiet
A gentle breeze comes inside
Music plays on a Silent Night
Laughter now returns
Faith comes back in

I’ll see you again
Until then…
Merry Christmas