The calm after a storm

I felt it as I called and cried out to You
Unworthy lips and a shaken voice to utter Your name
The waves died down
The winds hushed still

As every creation bows before You

I grasped my fingertips on the edges of this boat
And sighed a deep breath as I stayed afloat
No noise, hum, or note
Justly bestows the glory

That your gospel story spoke

Under the fiery, blazing sun
Casts the shadow of the cross
That stood upon
The Golgotha mount

What is gospel?

What is truth?
Who is the Messiah
Besides You?
What is anguish
And a famished heart?
Who hungers salvation
Greater than the sinner
That stands far?

The earth shakes

And trembles
All of eternity quakes
Life and death
Will never be the same

The veil torn
The curse now broken
In Jesus’ name

The prophesy fulfilled
From the holy scriptures spoken

The stone rolled away

Light broke through the darkness
Of the grave
The world will never be the same
Through holy atonement

He is risen, indeed
Holy is the Lord
In Jesus’ name


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