Come Home

Lay your weary head
On the nail pierced hands
In the presence of Christ
There is no longer shame
Take a deep breathe
If it must be a sigh
Let it out
All your tears
And your pain
There is no need to hide
The Lord is with you
Though you cannot see Him
And in times when you can’t feel Him
He is with you
Child, come home
Come home now
And run into the arms
Of the One who missed you
So much
And in dear love
He lived the gospel for you
So you could be free
So be free in Him
There is no need to wait
There is no death in the grave
Come home, dear child
You’ve been running astray far too long
Come home, run into and rest in His arms
Don’t wait, don’t run away
Come home, dear friend
There is no sweeter place than home
Our God is our home