God Comes First

Today, my faith was challenged. Yet the challenge only made my faith stronger. Not all things were perfect and smooth. I had my fair share of struggles in my walk. I never had a perfect record of never doubting, but my God has always been more faithful, even when I wanted to give up. I would know it if I have drifted. I would be openly honest with my siblings in Christ and let them know if I felt that I was drifting. But right now, I stand with God… is it because I know that I need Him? That may be one of many simple reasons. However, all the more, I am where I am today because the Lord brought me here. 

I thank Him that by His grace, His son Jesus Christ, and by His love and gospel, I have hope. I am forgiven. By His grace, kindness, and my repentance, I am slate clean. The challenging conversation I shared today ONLY reaffirmed and rekindled my love for the Lord. Maybe even better. I realize that maybe, while I’m not literally drifting away from God, I sometimes have taken for granted His love. Whenever I said thank you in my prayers, did I really understand the weight of that? 

Tonight, I am humbled beyond measure. God broke me for the very best reasons. I am realizing again that God is my first love. He comes first. He is most important in my life. He is the greatest gift and treasure I can ever come to know and have in all of the universe. There is nothing better than Him. If it took a perfect stranger to remind me that and a strange conversation to see that, then I’m just glad that God opened up my eyes again. I love you, God. It isn’t merely enough to say that. I must live it out. It isn’t for people’s praise that I gain worth, but praise from the Lord that I live for.


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