Moving On – (ft. the first poem I ever wrote)

I am moving on.

I moved here in New York.

It’s not the same as New Jersey.

It used to be my friends and me

But now it’s all just a memory.

A memory is an image in what you picture in your mind.

Now I feel all sad and blind.

My friends and I used to play and talk.

Now I go alone and walk.

I know it’s sad, but I have to move on.

I am moving on.

Author: Dara Jane G. Sy

In the 5th grade, my teacher assigned all the students to write a poem. At 10 years old I cringed and thought, “This is mission impossible. I can’t rhyme to save my life.” So I tried because my grade depended on it. I wrote a poem about my major move from NJ to NY. My teacher loved it. 🙂


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