Aurora Borealis


I look up and widen my eyes
To see the constellations in the skies
To my surprise
I am smaller than I’ve ever measured to be
As I gaze upon the wondrous scenery
The stars are humble
They shine brighter than
Any pressured diamond
Yet in their humility
They burn a fiery light
For all the galaxies to behold and see
If I stood in the right place and time
I could watch every eclipse
And capture momentary sights
Of planets that pass by
And I wonder how much it would mean
To hold onto the stars
And take them with me when I die
But I came to this world with empty hands
Out of this world I’ll leave with empty hands
No physical treasure I could take with me
But the greatest treasures are the memories
And wonders I can’t possibly forget
No one can take away what my heart and brain have kept
Forever, I’ll take the stars with me
I’ll write all the wonders in my poetry


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