Well done, my good and faithful servant

Father, give me Your faith
You are the Author and Perfecter of faith

Father, give me Your patience
That stretches to one end of the earth and back

Father, give me Your Holy Spirit
That I will not be a fruitless branch

Father, give me Your love
That I can overflow with and understand the depths of the grace that You’ve extended to me
And I can love others the way that You do

Father, give me Your hope and courage
With arms open wide
Let my heart be like clay
Into Your hands
That You mold me everyday
To be just like You

There is nothing more desirable that I long for
Than that a sinner like me can kneel before Your feet
After all the trials and storms
To possibly hold onto  f a i t h
That withstands the test of time
Not by my strength
But ’cause You stayed by my side

And faithfully
You will always be
One day, my knees shall meet Your feet
Jesus, please
I beg of this
That my ears will hear
“Well done, my good and faithful servant!”
I long for Your presence, Lord


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