We hear the cries of desperation.
Churches fall into separation.
Pastors stumble and fall to the ground.
They think the voice of God can be heard and found.
God reaches out a helping hand.
But they don’t listen or understand.
People are tricked and deceived.
Their hearts are empty from the seed they once received.
It caused many to have broken hearts.
One by one each member departs.
A person had one high goal.
He didn’t care if he lost a soul.
Everyone was against his will.
As these issues occurred many stood still.
Witnessing this the youth all cried.
The presence of God here faded and died.
Time after time people walked away.
The worship team left one Sunday.
Now the church has grown so small.
Can’t you hear God’s faint call?
I’m not here to judge but to say
That this really hurt me but I’ll just pray.
That God will guide you as we go our separate ways.
But I’ll miss you from the last Sundays.

7 years ago, I went witnessed a harsh church split. It was devastating for a 14 year old to undergo in a church family. My 14 year old self wrote out a poem to vent what I saw in the situation. It’s been 7 years since I last read this. Rereading your old writing can unearth deep reflection. Life goes on and you’re bound to heal. 


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