Faith, Not Fear


When fear comes
Creeping in
The unknown knocks
On my front door
Steady pace
As I walk
Forward to
A sudden stop

Steady feet
Don’t fail me now
I’ll kneel a moment
And face the ground
I cannot make it
I dare not fight this
No perfect oasis
No escape suffices

I pray before You
Bow down to know You
I call out to the One
Who teaches me
Who catches me undone
And reassures me not to worry

You bled the most painful
Cross in history
And You told me not to fear
You’re always here holding me

All else in creation
Never questions you
No fear or doubt
Could stand before the truth
Creation obeys
Mountains bow
Be still the ocean waves
At your commanding sound

Yet I
As a human
Am slow
To know Your ways
To learn about Your essence
To ever be in awe of Your presence

I was caught up in my circumstances
Too scared of what stood beyond that door
Too afraid and fixated on the unseen
The fear fogged up my clarity
I didn’t see You

But now I feel You
Kneeling down
I know You
All around
I know You are with me
You never left
You’ve always been with me

I take a breath of relief
I calmly stand up again
I feel your presence all around me
I bravely turn the knob
Slowly pivoting the door
And standing there was no one
There was not a single thing to fear
Because faith and courage stood by me
And all along I had You here


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