Extrovert, Introvert, I am a Paradox

Toggle switch
On // off
You flip the knob
The lights black out
You feel like you’re gone

Let’s play pretend
When the day ends
Let’s play pretend

When you’ve got all your friends
You play the extrovert
It’s easy
You speak
Laugh loudly
Before you retreat

The day prolongs
As long
As you’re out
You play the role of extrovert
Like rolling dice
And shuffling cards
Extrovert is your leading part

Take a bow
Curtains drape down
Off to the next stage
Let’s play the game
It’s the easier

Empty room
Lights low
At home where the
Pace is slow
Steady at ease
Now at peace
Music plays softly
Read a book
Or Netflix and chill
Whatever floats your boat

There’s hardly any playing here
No roleplaying
An introvert
‘Cause it’s who I am
Without pretend
I am at ease
At peace
I take a breath

Who I am
What I do
How I act
Is a paradox

(Leaning towards the introvert)

Toggle switch
On // off
I flip the knob
The lights black out
The extrovert is gone


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