Time is a Messenger

Flooding down the drain
With the the pitter patter of rhythmic rain
The drops that fall from gutters
From the rooftops of house covers

From the heavens the clouds descend
Prepared to excrete the water they send
To bless the earth below
Rain which falls when it isn’t cold enough to snow
December’s warmth moves into the cold
To January the temperatures drop and unfold

Like the flipped pages of a calendar
Times distinguishes seconds like a messenger
You soon realize that it’s not all about deadlines
And life is not all about waiting on signs

You strive for purpose and searching for what is more
Hoping for fulfillment and a better chapter than before
Holdfast to your heart and think carefully with your brain
So you’ll see life brand new and never the same

Take time, but set goals so that you will find bliss
Never take for granted the opportunities you might miss
Take shots like arrows in an archery target
Charge for the aim, don’t miss it, dare to mark it

Please, I beg and plead, make a difference, now’s the time
That you defeat depression and own and live your life


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