Spilled Confession

It was better that I plunged the knife right in,
Than for me to allow it to slowly kill me
I took the matter into my own hands
The blade was the words that spilled confession from my mouth
It pivoted from the fate that could have chained me
I know I sound like some sad teenage girl
(Though past 20)
But I can’t imagine permitting a circumstance to give me slow hell
And rotting in choking silence
Better convicted by speaking up
Than to say nothing at all
And to not speak up the truth inside me

For that bravery,
I am delivered and set free
I still feel the stinging wounds
But I am in the process of healing
I am liberated in knowing the truth
Silence could have killed me
Speaking up saved me
I will live on and never be the same person
I am better now
I will continue to be a better person everyday
It isn’t merely for my own strength that I live
It is the strength, grace, and love of God that heals me everyday


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