Love Is Not…

A dream like star dust in the wide open night
Dissipates as the wind gust that blows through the sky
And I wonder what brings two people closer together
Is it the smiles exchanged or the laughter in between
Is it certain a look caught by glances in time
I don’t want impulse when what I seek is commitment
I pray that what this may be is not a feeling passed in a moment

Many paint love as a make it or break it commotion
And expel its steadfast form by meaningless emotion
Yet what I do know? I’m a young girl who’s never experienced this
But I don’t hold it in vain, I don’t hold it in vain

Here’s what I hope it’s not
I hope it’s not like a wilting rose
Where beauty once overflowed
Only to dry and shrivel up in thorns
I hope it’s not like a crashing wave
Tossed in the sea by the violent wind
In the calm after the storm, completely gone away
And waves would rescind
I hope it’s not a passing moment in time
When two felt they have seen eye to eye
Only to realize that love can subside and the fleeting feelings die

That is not what I want, nor what I live and long for
Yet fairytales love to portray that happy ever after and not the before
But tell me that there’s something worth more

Because Jesus laid down His life to save us from our sins
And greater is no love than that He lived for and did
That is the love that I want and the love I long to live for
Dear God, let me love, present, after, and before


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