A Pen’s Devotion

Write down
As if I had pen, ink, and paper
Write down
The feelings of my heart
The stories on my mind
The hopes my dreams regard
The pen strikes lines on paper
And sheds precious ink all it has to offer
Dancing on the flat sheeted surface
Depicting an image through scripted letters
Fine lines and curves to elaborate a message
To write down, like a paint brush that devotes portrayal on a canvas
Your blank page seeks your potential work of art
You write down to create, inspire, and express
All that you have to give like the pen that sheds its precious ink
You write down all the beauty you have to think
And share it to a world, still yet to read
The words from your heart
The stories on your mind
The hopes your dreams regard
All that you have yet to discover
And the joy that must be uncovered
Pour them out
Write them down


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